Tacmina Corporation – PZIG-300-FTCT-FNPT1/2-W-S-ULP


Max. discharge volume (mL/min) 340
Max. discharge pressure (MPa) 1.0

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The PZIG-300-FTCT-FNPT1/2-W-S-ULP Solenoid-Driven Metering Pump features:

  • a large capacity precision solenoid driven dosing and chemical injection metering pump,
  • digital input and output and analog input,
  • water and waste water treatment applications,
  • cooling tower applications,
  • utility applications,
  • swimming pool applications,
  • spa boiler applications,
  • agriculture chemical processing applications,
  • cleaning agent applications,
  • laundry applications,
  • carwash applications,
  • livestock applications,
  • pulp and paper applications,
  • acid caustic polymer sodium hypochlorite pH control applications and more.
Product Specification
Max Discharge Volume: 300 mL/min
Max Discharge Pressure: 145.0 psi
Settings: Digital Settings, Advanced Functions
Inputs: Analog Output, Digital Input/Output
Pump Material: PVDF
Diaphragm Material: PTFE
Additional Information