Gast – 0523-101Q-G588NDX – Rotary Vane Septic Pump


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Product Description

Gast 0523, Rotary Vane Septic Air Pump:

The Gast 0523 is easy to install, rugged, and provides long life. Internal sound suppression results in lower operating noise levels. This compact unit’s high-flow, pulse-free air makes them ideal for wastewater treatment applications that require consistent air pressure and flow.

Other features include:

  • Thermal overload protection safeguards the motor against high temperature damage;
  • Easy to service vanes and filters extend the life of the unit and maximizes uptime;
  • Internal and external inlet filters prevent contaminants from entering your system.
  • A proven unit with 0523 sewage aeration installations going back to the mid 90’s

This model does not include a cooling fan

Gast OEM repair kit includes everything you need to repair an 0523, including vanes, gaskets, and filters (AK526).

Buy an external, air intake filter assembly to replace one that is clogged or deteriorated.

Product Specification
Noise 70 db The volume on an average vacuum cleaner (70 dB).
Minimum Temperature 33 Fahrenheit 1 Celsius
Maximum Temperature 104 Fahrenheit 40 Celsius
Minimum Pressure 0 CFM 60 HZ
Maximum Pressure 10 CFM 60 Hz
Additional Information
Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in