Aerodyne – DBMXL120-1250 – Septic Air Pump


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Product Description

The Aerodyne DBMX L 120 is a substantially improved linear septic air pump.  It uses larger diaphragms and cooler coils to extend the life of larger linear compressors.  Longer life equals lower cost of ownership.

The compressor produces 46db of noise. That is between the level of noise of a library and a quiet conversation at home.  It consumes 1.9 AMPs which is 126 Watts.  DBMXL120 pumps produce 120LPM at 2.84PSI.  This is excellent for 750 to 1,000 gallon per day systems of larger homes.

The DBMXL120 includes built-in protection devices. A safety switch and thermostat protect internal components from diaphragm breaks or abnormal internal temperature buildup.

Use diaphragm kit DBMXD150200 to replace diaphragms, head assembly, and check valves.

Product Specification
Noise 45db Between the noise in a library and a quiet conversation at home.
Power .127 HP .095 kW
Minimum Temperature 33 Fahrenheit 1 Celsius
Maximum Temperature 104 Fahrenheit 40 Celsius
Minimum Pressure 1.4 psi .1 kg/cm2
Maximum Pressure 3.5 psi .25 kg/cm2
Additional Information
Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 13 × 10 in